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What To Know Pulmonary And The Nephrology Journal?   

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@jauhar123 | Posted 30 May. 2019

Study of Pulmonary & Respiratory Medicine is a peer-reviewed medical journal that focuses on a broad range of areas in this field including pulmonary, respiratory conditions related to the respiratory system and treatment methods and creates a platform for the authors to make their donation towards the journal and the editorial office declares a peer review process for the submitted manuscripts for the position of publishing.

Pulmonary Medicine Journal and study is one of the most astronomical open access journals that intends to publish the most complete and reliable origin of information on the results and current developments in the mode of new articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc. in the field and provide online access to the researchers universal without any restrictions or subscriptions.

This objective journal brings out the scientific works in the department of pulmonology, respiratory medicine, thoracic surgery, lung conditions (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, acute lung injury, significant respiratory distress symptoms, tuberculosis, pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary embolism, pulmonary edema), pulmonary function tests (PFT), respiratory care and respiratory therapy to personalities in electronic forms are immediately freely accessible to read download.

This respiratory journal is utilizing Editorial Manager System for online manuscript submission, analysis, and tracking. Editorial board features of the Pulmonary & Respiratory Medicine or outside experts review manuscripts; at least two independent inspectors approval replaced by editor support is required for acceptance of any citable manuscript.


Bronchoscopy is the endoscopic technique of reflecting airways taking air from trachea or windpipe to the lungs for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The bronchoscope is a tiny flexible tube to be inserted into airways within nose or mouth or within a tracheostomy. Bronchoscopy is of two types, hard and resilient.

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder is the most common progressive lung condition that makes it difficult to breathe. Two main forms of COPD are chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Treatment includes smelled bronchodilators, steroids, quitting smoking, vaccinations, and rehabilitation. Great term oxygen treatment or lung transplantation benefit few people.

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Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis

Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP) characterized by the abnormal alveolar center with surfactants, floccular material and interferes with gas exchange is a rare lung condition. Two forms are primary and secondary caused by lung contaminations, hematologic malignancies, inhalation of mineral dust, silica, titanium oxide, aluminum, and insecticides.

Pulmonary Angiography

Pulmonary angiography is a cardiological imaging test using special dye and x-rays to detect arteriovenous malformations and how blood flows through the lungs. Direct angiography involves the injection of color into the right heart with subsequent fluoroscopy into the circulation, to understand the shape, size and pulmonary arteries of the lungs.

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Pulmonary Aspergillosis

Aspergillosis is an infection caused by the fungus Aspergillus. Pulmonary aspergillosis is an excellent term Aspergillus infection of the lung. Patients with CPA have or have had lung infections (tuberculosis, lung cancer, COPD, mycobacterial infection, emphysema, asthma, and silicosis). You can study Nephrology journal  for more information.