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jauhar khan 
@jauhar123 | Posted 03 Jun. 2019


  • Applicant Tracking Systems and Recruiting Software

The rise of applicant tracking software and recruiting software can be immediately correlated with the improved automation of several of the standard data entry and managing tasks that employees used to pack their days with.

  • Performance Management Software

Performance management software is a platform where mostly  HR professionals, managers, and the employees can concentrate on evaluating employee skills, set goals for performance, and follow developments over time.

Many businesses use a performance management system to mentor employees of all experience levels s and tenures and to establish and track performance appraisals yearly, quarterly, or regular weekly pulse updates.

  • Employee Engagement

Whereas performance management tools seek to create an open system from hiring to retiring, employee engagement software supports organizations improve employee attitude and improve individual and team engagement with daily work priorities.

  • Current Trends

As the HR  software market continues to grow, there are a few other compensations to make when picking a HR solution. Features such as analytics, social integration, and mobile abilities are becoming a regular issue for most platforms rather than innovative selling points. Here are the most critical and ongoing trends for some of the largest HR software providers in the market today:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

The majority of AI and Machine Learning in the software space is positive, with nearly 50 percent of decision makers thinking on expanding their budgets for AI by 2019. Currently, AI organizations are developing tools that help HR professionals with hiring and on-boarding new employees, and some businesses are using the technology to make more sensible pulse surveys.

  • Choosing The Best HR Software

Driving the HR landscape doesn’t have to be complicated or frustrating, but don’t go it alone. Darwinbox has tips, reviews, and expert advice on choosing the HR software that’s right for your company right now and as it grows.