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How Diaphragm Pressure Switch Used in Sump Pumps?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 30 Aug. 2019

Pressure Switch Switzer can be utilized to monitor rising water levels and assist a sump pump to action. These switches sense pressure toward the diaphragm to accurately read how much water is presented in a system. As the water level increases in a sump basin, the air pressure forcing against the diaphragm builds within the switch. 

Therefore, the switch is preset to actuate at a particular water level. When the particularized water level is reached, it will generate a specific pressure in the basin. The diaphragm is calibrated to finish a circuit at that exact moment and start the pump.

Applications of the diaphragm pressure switch:

  • Pressure monitoring, including direct switching of electrical loads.

  • General method instrumentation in the chemical and petrochemical industries, power generation incl. nuclear power plants, oil and gas industries, water/wastewater industries, mining.

  • For gaseous and liquid, determined and highly viscous or contaminated media, including in aggressive ambience