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How Long Does Implantation take after IUI?   

ananya mruga
@ananyamruga | Posted 05 Jul. 2019

Before explaining what happens after IUI, let’s take a fast tour through the ***** education you would possibly have lost in class.

To get pregnant, many things need to happen: a girl must ovulate. The egg must meet a viable *****. The ***** should fertilize the egg, and therefore the egg should then implant within the *****. If one thing goes wrong at any stage of this journey, then infertility will happen.

Most women ovulate about 2 weeks after their last menstrual period. Before starting an IUI cycle, a doctor pinpoints the precise moment of organic process to make sure the ***** has the simplest attainable probabilities of meeting associate egg. In most cases, a girl can take fertility medication that regulate her cycle and facilitate her turn out additional healthy eggs.

During an IUI procedure, a doctor implants ***** directly into the ***** instantly before a girl ovulates. This greatly improves the probabilities of obtaining pregnant as a result of the temporal arrangement is right and therefore the ***** doesn't need to create the long and troublesome journey to the *****.

Because a doctor places the ***** right round the time of ovulation, ***** generally fertilizes the egg inside every day or 2. The precise temporal arrangement depends on however long the egg lives and the way quickly the ***** reaches the egg. However in the majority cases, fertilization can surface in a very day or two--and generally simply many hours later.

***** will live within the generative tract for as long as seven days. Therefore if for a few reason ovulation is delayed, ***** may fertilize the egg up to 7 days later. This, however, is extremely unlikely as a result of doctors diligently work to exactly time IUI to right before organic process.