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How To Choose The Right HRMS Software   

jauhar khan 
@jauhar123 | Posted 11 Jun. 2019


In line to determine your requirements are for an HRMS software, you need to know what functionalities and highlights HR software provides. Once you have learned the features you need, you can then select an optimal choice on which HRMS Software to go for.

Regular HRMS Software Specialties and Functionalities

Employee Database

Employee Database is an essential feature with all HRMS software purposes. The employee database should include fields for the data that your organization has in an employee file.


Payroll begins as a separate module and is not present amongst many HRMS Packages. The advantage of having the payroll module in your HR Software is that all of the HR and Payroll information is included in a particular system. This preserves the stress of double entry of Employee data, as well as extracts possible data entry errors.

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Attendance and Leave management

Darwinbox Attendance and leave management software module automates your HR leave and attendance system. It lets you configure your HR workflows so that the best supervisors or HR group is notified for employee leave applications.


An online recruitment management software module offers the capacity to perform job application forms and post them online, whereby accumulating applicant data on the fly. With this module, considered candidates can demand jobs directly on your web site.

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Employee Self Service

ESS – Employee Self Service is the purpose of the HRMS software to accommodate employees or managers the capability to reach and, if approved, change data compared to themselves. Besides, Employees can see and download their payslips, apply for leave, and present expense claims online.

Manager Self Service

This again is an essential part of the HR department to analyze while buying HRMS software. This enables managers to develop or approve employees’ requests for Leave, and claims, in accession to managing their appraisal and payroll data.