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How To Clean The Exterior Wall Of Aluminium Composite Panel?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 16 Sep. 2019


Nowadays, Aluminium composite panel products are raising which used in construction because it used to create any design that helps to add on the top of your building which looks perfect. It is low expensive to purchase, but the maintenance should be done regularly which completes in less cost. 

So, here, the cleaning process will be different depending on the position of a particular building. There are so many Aluminium Composite Panel Suppliers in India with different types that provided at a cost that depends on the quality of the product. 


Due to sun rays and dust particles, your building top layer, which is built with aluminium panel, might get a stain. For any normal clean we mostly use water to remove altogether stain as soon as possible.

Soil Removal:

Use the water & rinse the aluminium sheet with normal pressure to remove the stain of soil. Even though you do this, and the stain is still on that sheet, you need to spray the water particularly on the stain and rub forcibly to remove.

Clean With Detergent:

Don't use rough things to rub the sheet when you wash sheet with detergent, because that may scratch your beautiful building top layer. Rather than using rough things to rub use sponge or rags to make smooth clean that also does not make scratches on your aluminium sheet.

Coating Protection:

When you construct the building newly, you may use sealant & machine oil to keep it strong. But make sure to protect the layer of the building at least 45 days that used to prevent stains which occurred due to sealants & machine oil.

If you are going to wash your building, you can follow this process to keep your panel sheets clean and protect from scratches which are getting scratches due to hard rubs. You can order ACP Manufacturers In India through online which provides with the best quality.