How To Start Learning Maths For SSC CGL?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 09 Sep. 2019


You may get a big question mark when you start preparing maths subject for SSC-CGL Exam. And I think you are the one who is facing this problem, right? So, in this article, you can know the strategies and tips to prepare Maths to gain a good rank in SSC-CGL Exam.

Competitive exams which are conducted through SSC academy required to be strong determination, a lot of patience, and willpower. You can also join in SSC coaching institute to get better knowledge. 

These exams are mostly competitive by strong people who had full confidence in their knowledge. Several people face difficulties while doing the problems asked in the MATHS section. To stop those problems in doing the specific maths questions follow some of the tips given below.

Know-How To Start Preparation?
If you have the basic knowledge in maths section, it is herculean for you to complete the task. So, to go some more forward in maths you should practice a little harder and need to work hard till you get. Before you touch the problems, you should brush the basic formulas which are essential in your mock exams.

  • How To Prepare Strategy to cover Maths for SSC-CGL Exam:
    • Make Sure To Follow The Given Order While Practising.

    • Ration & Proportion– Start this chapter firstly which is used in every arithmetic chapter. This particular concept helps you to build a strong base.
    • Percentage– This concept is also based on ratios, that it is important and easier while compared to other chapter and also prepares for profit & loss.
    • Profit & Loss– The person who are perfect with the above two topics can easily understand this chapter. Test yourself some problems to know that you are perfect with the above two topics are not.
    • Simple Interest & Compound Interest– This chapter based on percentage & ratio. So, get good command on both chapters.
    • Mixture & Allegation– This will be based on the concept mentioned above. So, if you prepare with these topics, you can able to solve any questions that come from this chapter.
    • Time & Work– This complete chapter is also based on chapter ratio and taking the LCMs.
    • Pipe & Cisterns– If you get the time and work chapter, then you can do this chapter perfectly.
    • Partnership– This chapter also based on a ratio.
    • Time Distance and Trains– It is a basic topic in this speed formula will be used. The ratio chapter will use for this section.
    • Boats & Streams– It also based on the chapter time & distance and also used the formula of speed.
    • Average– These you can do with your basic knowledge on maths or with the help of mixture & allegation topic.
    • Geometry– To get this, you should go with basics and prepare for properties & theorems and also their results correctly. Then only you can master this chapter.
    • Mensuration– It is completely based on formulas, and prepare many other topics of geometry.

    If you are prepared with this chapter once, then you can proceed with the mock test. This preparation will help to start several SSC CGL exams which are conducted by the SSC.  You can gain good results by following these strategies mentioned above. You can also prefer SSC coaching online which provides you with the best tips.