How To Study During Engineering To Get Good Grades?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Updated 16 May. 2019

Engineering is a vast field and with the amount of freedom students receive after getting into engineering colleges in Hyderabad; they tend to go in the wrong direction and might not concentrate on their academics as much as is required. However, even if the student dedicate themselves fully to the subjects, they might not be able to complete the syllabus or might face other problems. Hence, it is important to develop and follow a strategy to ace the exams at the same time gain knowledge.

First, learn about how many subjects you have and what are they. It is important to read the syllabus carefully to know what expectations a particular subject has. Also, note down all the important things such as attendance, assignment due dates, any homework that has to be done for the class the next day, tests and test dates.

Sit in any of the front rows in the classroom as it will not let you get distracted or fall asleep. Also, you will be able to see clearly and hear better which will make it easy for you to understand the concepts.

Take advantage of your lecturer’s office hours and go to them with whatever doubts you have. Do not be afraid or don’t hesitate to go to them as they are always happy to help. Additionally, this will also help you earn their attention, and you might be given more knowledge or might get help with your academic projects.

Take good notes and do not rely on your memory. It will be easy for you to refer back to the notes you have taken during classes while studying for examinations. Even if you do not understand what is going on, take it down as when you read through it later, you will be able to understand, or you could ask your professor.

Be proactive and read ahead of the class. In other words, read about the concepts that are going to be discussed in the next day’s class to understand better and also to come up with doubts, if you have any. This will help you answer effective questions and also retain the information better.

Do not skip classes. It is very important for you to attend all classes unless otherwise there is an emergency as you will lack behind in syllabus if you miss the concepts. Also, you will be able to learn more information by being present in the class than trying to study on your own.

Do not wait until you receive the exam time table to start studying. Study right from day 1 so that you will not have to cram up all the concepts the day before the exam. Also, it will be easier for you to understand and clear doubts if you have any while studying.

Study with a group as there will be sharing of knowledge which will help you learn new things. Studying with a group will also help you stay focused and alert. Prepare study material such as flashcards to memorize definitions easily, a sheet full of formula so that you can easily refer when needed, and so on. Also, try making mind maps as they are the easiest form of remembering information. B.Arch colleges in Hyderabad offer various courses that you can apply for.

As they said that practice makes a man perfect, follow it. Practice as many problems as you can to perfect yourself and be ready to face any problem related to the concept.