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How can you decorate balloons for kid’s birthday parties?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 29 Aug. 2019


Here are some ideas for balloons decoration:

Balloon Flowers

Create large flowers with balloons if you are hosting a spring-themed birthday party. Use one yellow or green balloon for the center and five balloons of other colors to make the petals. Inflate all the balloons, and knot them at the end. Now, attach five petal balloons by tying two pairs at a time.

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Then, push the yellow or green balloon into the center, and twist the tail of the balloon around the other tails to form the flower. Make many flowers in several colors if you want a bright and colorful decoration. Once you create your flower, tie it to a stick to give the look of a stem. Stick the flower to the wall to create an all-over display.

Stick Balloons Of Various Sizes To The Wall

***** up some large, medium, and small-sized balloons to make the display. Then, use a few small sized pieces of double-sided tape to stick the balloons to the wall. Arrange different sized balloons randomly across the wall for the final decoration. You can check out balloon decoration for birthday in Hyderabad.