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Is blowing air into balloons dangerous for your health?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 29 Aug. 2019


Its actually very beneficial. Most of the time we use balloons for party or functions to decorate a stage to attract people. But, you don't know another thing that benefits for your face. Yes, do you know that blowing a balloon is an excellent form of facial exercise?

The blowing of balloons makes the muscles in your cheeks work. You should take a breath and exhale in a balloon for this type of exercise. Release the air and repeat this exercise ten times daily. If you are compatible with this form of facial exercise, you will notice results within a week.

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Experts say that regular exercises with balloons help in activating your diaphragm as well as transversus abdominis or more usually known as TVA. This happens due to the primary role of the diaphragm is to pull the air into the lungs.

Practicing balloon exercises everyday helps in optimizing the contractions of your diaphragm and triggers a proper breathing process. The people are not aware of the fact that many breathing muscles postures are also included in everyday exercise of yoga posture.

Its better to keep a stash of balloons at your home which wail allow you to exercise at any moment, whenever you want to, Best way is to order helium balloons onlineand get them delivered at your home.