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What Are Pressure Switches?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 24 Jul. 2019

A pressure switch is an electrical device that is used to measure the pressure in any given environment. It indicates when a system has reached a certain pressure or has lost pressure depending on the limit set by the user. Switzer is a dealer of all the types of pressure switches that you can purchase from according to your requirement. 

A pressure switch has one or two ports. In a pressure switch that has a single port, pressure enters through the port and hits an internal diaphragm. If the force entering into the port is higher than the force exerted by the pre-loaded set spring, the switch contacts will either make or break the circuit. This creates an alarm in the system and alerts the user that the pressure has changed within the environment.    

In a pressure switch with two ports, there is a comparison between the pressure entering the switch. If the pressure from one port is different from the pressure from the second port, then the pressure switch alerts the user with this change.