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What Are The Advantages of Pneumatics over Hydraulics?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 21 Jun. 2019

The use of gas with the help of a pneumatic cylinder offers pneumatics several advantages over hydraulics.

  • Pneumatics are used in food applications more often than hydraulics because there is less chance for contamination, whereas hydraulics are used in industrial equipment for their power and control.
  • Pneumatic systems are common in medicinal facilities due to their range of sizes; they are installed where space cannot be taken up by large equipment.

  • Lower pressures in pneumatic systems make them more appropriate for components made of lighter and thinner materials like plastics and aluminum. Hydraulic systems work better for parts made of steel or ductile/gray cast iron
  • Positioning accuracy rivaling electromechanical applications can be achieved in pneumatics through electronic controls. As a result, chemical plants favor pneumatic systems for their precision over hydraulics and electromechanical systems. Fluid power systems combined with electronics adds incredible control and flexibility to pneumatics

The use of pneumatics technology has led to advances in medical and industrial technology which were previously unheard of.