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What Are The Applications Of Pressure Switches?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 19 Sep. 2019

Here are some of the applications:


One of the most adverse application conditions for a pressure switch is a hydraulic surge. A surge is a high rate of rising in pressure, usually of short duration, caused by starting a pump or by opening and closing a valve. Extremely high rates or rise in pressure can be damaging even if they are within the limits of the maximum allowable pressure. To reduce the effects of surges, the switch should be mounted as close to an accumulator and as far from quick acting valves or pumps as possible.


Excessive vibration can cause chatter, contact bounce, or premature contact transfer, particularly when system pressure is near the operating point of the pressure switch. Remote mounting of the switch is the most effective way to avoid issues. Diaphragm Pressure Switch is typically used in low-pressure applications.

Uses on Steam Lines

Pressure switches should not be applied directly on steam beyond 15 psig. However, if steam capillary tubing is installed between the pressure connection and the switch, steam pressure of up to 250 psig can be applied, provided it does not exceed the maximum allowable pressure rating of the switch or the maximum temperature rating at the switch actuator.