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What Are The Applications of Pneumatics?   

jauhar khan 
@jauhar123 | Posted 12 Jun. 2019

Factory automation is the most significant sector for pneumatics technology. It is widely used for handling products in manufacturing, processing, and packaging operations. It is also used in medical and food processing equipment. Pneumatics is usually thought of as pick-and-place technology, where pneumatic components work together to perform the same repetitive operation hundreds or thousands of times per day. However, pneumatics is much more.

Because compressed air may have a cushioning effect, it is called on to offer a more gentle touch than what hydraulics or electromechanical drives can generally provide. In various applications, pneumatics is mainly used for its ability to deliver controlled pressing or squeezing as well as for fast and repetitive motion. Moreover, electronic controls can give these systems positioning precision comparable to that of electromechanical and hydraulic technologies.

Other industries where Festo pneumatic is beneficial are Chemical Plants and refineries to actuate very big valves, Factory Automation, Mobile Equipment for transmitting power, Material Handling ,Medical, Off- and On-highway, Vehicle Systems, Packaging.