What Are The Career Options After Architecture?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 16 May. 2019

As difficult as a course architecture is, it offers great rewards and scope in the job field after completion. However, many fresh graduates find it confusing about which career to choose could be because they are not aware of all the roles that exist. Here is a list of all the careers one can pursue after getting a degree in Bachelor of Architecture.

Landscape Architect

Designing outdoor landscapes, including infrastructure, agriculture, public areas, and forestry is important for constructing the webs that keep together our urban and rural spaces, and also, more importantly, it is crucial for acting on globalization and climate change. Landscape architects are involved in stormwater management, environmental restoration, and recreational areas amongst various other things. If you are one of those that enjoy working with and in the natural environment, this career path could be for you.

enjoy working with and in the natural environment, this career path could be for you.

The conditions of urbanism are continuously changing due to the fast-growing percentage of our population moving into urban areas. This continually evolving state of the urban environment creates exciting opportunities for architects to pursue their career. The urban planning covers everything from economic and population changes to sustainable development. It’s an important yet challenging responsibility within the profession. Urban planning requires adaptability and problem-solving skills on a large scale.

Restoration Architect

Our societies’ culture and history, as depicted through architecture, are beautiful glimpses into the past, along with the importance of understanding our culture as a discipline. Conservation and restoration of buildings is definitely a challenge.

Research Architect

With the rapid growth of digitalization, the methods of representation and expression are changing accordingly. Technology has had a significant impact on architecture. There are now careers in the research part of the architecture that focus more on the new tools and how they can enhance the architects’ work.

Lighting Architect

Light has a huge impact on our physical and mental health, and anyone living at high latitudes can relate to this. Going into the architecture of lighting focuses on improving the quality of our health and well-being, our experiences, and the sustainability of the natural environment and also smaller spaces like our work environments.

Political Architect

There is more to architecture than just creating beautiful objects; it has a value in organizing and shaping society. Architects, with their ideas for developing the society, can influence politics and create a better living for all the citizens.

Extreme Architect

With the current changes in the climate, extreme weather conditions such as heat waves, floods, and hurricanes will increase as per the predictions. The existing extreme environments, such as deserts, are very much likely to expand due to phenomena known as desertification. Being an architect with excellent knowledge in extreme weather conditions is not only a fascinating way to handle the subject but is also very useful for us to adapt for the sake of the future of our planet.

Apart from the core careers in architecture, architects who graduate from bachelor of architecture colleges in India can also pursue their career in art and design. Some of the careers in this field are listed as follows.

  • Artist

  • Industrial designer

  • Furniture designer

  • Graphic designer

  • Textile designer

  • Video game designer

  • Photographer

  • Production designer

Other professions outside of architecture include

  • Professor/teacher

  • Philanthropist

  • Politician

  • Conservationist

  • Writer

  • Entrepreneu