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What Are The Different Styles Of Table Lamps?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 20 May. 2019


Let's see some of the different table lambs and used for various purposes. Table Lamps Singapore allows you great table lamps for all the home purpose to fix it in multiple areas.

Fiber optic table lamp:

Well, this lamp will be wonder so many people especially, kids. It will be like thin hair made up of fibers are made of glass or individual polymers that work on the system of total internal light that makes them transmit the light from the base to the tip.

Arc Lamps:

This arc-shaped lamp will suit at corner places which bring perfect look for the room. It provides practical task lighting, while also remaining a staple piece for space. One of the advantages of this table lamp is that it takes up very little space in a particular area.

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Swing Arm Lamps:

These type of lamps can come in several sizes and shapes and can be for the table, floor or desk. The only variation is that swing arm lamps can come furnished with an adjustable, functional arm.

Boom Arm Lamps:

With a related build as microphone stands that you would see in writing studios, the boom arm lamp is a straight and tall fitting with a movable swinging arm. Many of these lamps will highlight a dome-shaped head that houses the bulb.

Tree Lamps:

To design our interior house with latest table lamp this Tree lamp is one of the best and looks more modern in your sweet home. It has two or more small lights that can be adjustable for your convenience.

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Nightstand lamps:

This light commonly used by all the people in their bedrooms as a bed light. Lighting near your bed should be fine and warm that lights up the bedside without interrupting your sleep at night.