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What Are The Ingredents of a Hand Sanitizer?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 19 Sep. 2019

Active Ingredients:

Most hand sanitizers' fresh ingredients consist of either ethanol or isopropanol, both forms of alcohol. Alcohol kills most germs on touch without causing severe harm to the skin tissue, which makes it a potent active ingredient for hand sanitizers. Ethanol, as well as isopropanol, are antiseptics that ***** germs by dissolving their essential proteins. This interrupts the regular cell activity of the germ, causing it to die.

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Inactive Ingredients:

To aid in application, and improve the skin benefits of the product, hand sanitizers often use inactive ingredients beside ethanol or isopropanol. For example, humectants, such as glycerin, act as a moisturizing factor. Humectants pull moisture from the surrounding environment and hold it close to the skin. 

Thickening factors, such as polyacrylic acid, may also be used to provide hand sanitizers with a gel-like texture, which aids in the purpose and spreading of the product on the hands. The more modern development in hand sanitizers is the use of fragrance oils to help lessen the smell of alcohol when using the product — the hand sanitizer for sale to keep protecting your health from harmful bacteria.