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What Are The Various Types Of Automatic Gates For Main Entrances?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 05 Mar. 2019

The primary purpose of gates is to control or restrict access to a secured area. Automatic gates are most commonly used at the main entrance of a facility and control the access of into and out of the site. Since all the vehicles that enter or exit the facility go through the gate, there is good security.

The types of automatic gates that most automatic gate companies manufacture.

Slide Gate:

A slide gate is one of the most commonly used types of automatic gates. They are generally used in light-duty commercial applications, for example, apartment buildings. The gate is mounted parallelly to the inside of the fence and slides along with it horizontally.

Cantilever Gate:

A cantilever gate is similar to the side gate but does not use rollers. Instead of rollers, the gate is attached to the rails of the fence along which it moves back and forth horizontally. These gates should be wider than slide gates to have space for it to move along easily and also to provide support for the gate.

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Swing Gate:

Swing gates are fixed on one side and free on the other end like a door. They move from 0 to 90 degrees from the opening to the closing position. Further, swing gates can be of two types; one is single-leaf that only opens in one direction and the other is double-leaf that swings in both the directions that are a swing in and out.

Vertical Lift Gate:

Vertical lift gates, as the name suggests, move in the vertical direction. These type of gates require tall support towers to be installed on each end of the gate for its movement. They are very fast and ideal for places with limited space available.

Vertical Pivot Lift Gate:

These type of gates rotate in and out of the gate opening in the vertical direction. Vertical pivot lift gates do not require any additional support as they are supported entirely from the gate operator.