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What Does A Property Manager Do?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 04 Sep. 2019

Finding and Screening Tenants

A property manager is generally the one who advertises the property and finds suitable tenants who want to move into the house. This involves the task of creating listings and advertising with signs, ads and fliers.

Opening Leases

After finding trustworthy tenants, your property manager will open a lease with the tenants. This includes scheduling move-ins with the tenant, rent payments, setting up rental insurance, completing all the move-in conditions report and ensuring that all legalities are completed.

Collecting Rent

After the tenants moved into the rental building, the property manager's job is to then collect rent at the specified time each month. They have to be highly organized and make sure that none of the tenants lags in their payments.

Scheduling Move-Outs

When a tenant is moving out, the property manager should help them schedule the move-out and then resume the cycle of finding new tenants for the home. A good property manager will show the house to interested parties and have a new tenant just ready to move in as soon as the old ones vacate the property. 

Provide Inspections

Many property managers want to make sure that the buildings are kept clean and tidy throughout the length of the lease. Not only this makes it easy to clean up after the tenant leaves, but it also increases the property value of the home. They also carry out real estate inspections if required by the owners. 

Providing Repairs

If anything on the property breaks down, tenants are instructed not to try and fix it themselves, instead, alert the property manager. The property manager should then find a contractor to do the repair. To save on money, a property manager can also purchase home warranty coverage for their property.