What Is Gokshura? What Are Its Health Benefits?   

jauhar khan 
@jauhar123 | Posted 02 Jul. 2019

Gokshura is also known as Tribulus, which is widely distributed in the world and only grows in a dry climate where only some plants can survive. It is considered a harmful species in North America. Gokshura is a herbaceous tap-rooted perennial plant that grows in summer in colder climates. 

This plant can also grow in poor soil conditions and desert climates. It can also be found in Southern Asia, Australia, Africa, and Southern Europe. The stem of this plant grows around 10 centimetres in diameter and generally forms flat patches. The stem branch is typically hairy, and the leaves are pinnately compound. The leaflets are approximately 3 mm long.


Nutritional Value of Gokshura

Gokshura contains a chemical compound and two alkaloids. These alkaloids generally cause limb paresis in sheep when they ingest this plant. The content of alkaloid in the dried foliage is around 44mg/kg. Apart from this, a phytosterol is found in Gokshura which is generally known as hecogenin.

Health Benefits Of Gokshura

Gokshura Can Be Used For Bodybuilding

Everyone these days is concerned about their body image and are under constant pressure to look good; this can make people go to great lengths to shape their body the way they want it to be. A lot of men who want to grow a muscular body opt for steroid injections and supplements which pump up their body in an unnatural way. This can cause harm in the long run; therefore, it is important to go with a natural course. Gokshura is beneficial for, and the minerals present in this plant can improve body composition and muscle strength. Another effective way to supply nutrients to the body is by taking vitamin b12 supplements

Diuretic Activity

Gokshura is very useful in curing urinary diseases and kidney stones. Regularly consuming Gokshura can easily relieve a person from diuretic ailments and bladder problems. The diuretic activity of Gokshura is well used through a lot of formulations and has a cleansing effect on the urinary bladder. This is because Gokshura is filled with lithotriptic activity, which helps in normalizing the functioning of the urinary system.

For Women Suffering From PCOS

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Disease is very common in women, especially young teens and adults. It causes irregular periods, hair loss, acne, mood swings, weight gain, etc. The worst part about PCOS is that it can also make it difficult for the person to conceive, and many complications may arise during pregnancy. Consuming Gokshura is very useful for women affected by PCOS, as it removes excess water and decreases the size of the cyst. It fights glucose intolerance, increases the exercise capacity, and also prevents or controls diabetes in women affected by PCOS. Irregular weight gain can also be reduced by consuming Gokshura regularly. You can purchase Gokshura online


Treats Skin Ailments

Gokshura is popular in Ayurvedic medicine as it cleanses the skin from within. Young teenagers or adults having acne and breakouts can use this herb to remove it and prevent it from occurring in the future. Bad skin can result in low esteem and lower one’s self-confidence level; this problem can stop altogether by the continuously consuming this due to its healing properties. Gokshura also treats itchiness, wounds, hives, skin inflammation and skin eruptions.

Gokshura is also is beneficial for a range of things such as low water retention capacity, rheumatic pain, hair fall,  weak nervous system, headache/stress, obesity, bed wetting, *****, piles and eye problems.