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What Is The Purpose Of Chatbot For Business?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 15 May. 2019

Chatbots are provided to reduce the pain that the industries are facing today. The purpose of chatbots is to maintain and scale business teams in their relations with customers. It could live in any important chat applications like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Text Messages, etc.

Chatbots, software applications that mimic human communication, are one of the closest trends in AI and marketing these days. 1.4 billion people were communicating with chatbots. And in recent research by Oracle, 80 percent of businesses announced that they already use or plan to use chatbots by 2020.

Cost Effective: Choosing a person for a job is never a cheap thing, and it will be expensive if your income is not high or sales objectives are not met and would create havoc in the business. Due to the limits of human beings, a single human can only handle one or two people at the same time.

More than that would be very tough for the employee. If you are looking for enterprise chatbot platform you can utilize this best chatbot which supports to interact between two persons. There are so many reasons for that like making rid of routine tasks and simultaneous processing of multiple requests from users. Besides, the high speed of processing users’ requests with chatbot builders that helps to gain customers’ loyalty.