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What about customised Aluminium Composite panels? Do the ACP’s really resemble the look of timber and sand and stone?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 16 Sep. 2019


Deltyn Aluminium Composite Panels

I would suggest you Deltyn is the global leader in a variety of cladding applications – Exterior, Interior and Corporate Identity applications. They have all major aluminium products which include Deltyn Partitions, Deltyn Eco, Deltyn Signage, Deltyn Metallic/Solid, Deltyn Woods, Deltyn Stone, Deltyn Sparkle, Deltyn Mirror. Deltyn is a reliable aluminium composite panel manufacturers, aluminium ceiling, and sandstone sheets manufacturer, Their product portfolio also includes PVDF ACP, fireproof composite panel, Nano-PVDF ACP, brushed panel, wood-grain panel, signage panel, sandstone sheet, coated coil, aluminium ceiling and more.

  • They offer only the best quality products
  • feel happy to assist our clients
  • Supply on time
  • Wide varieties of designs
  • Continuous quality checks

At Deltyn, It’s our goal to produce super quality, affordable, and eco-friendly building material for the customer all over India. In order to produce the qualified aluminium composite panel.

They acquire qualified raw material only from well-known suppliers such as PPG, Dakin, OuPond, Becker, GE ect., they also make on-line inspection during production and conduct strict quality control inspection for all finished goods before warehousing.

All panels are produced according to ISO 14001, ISO9001, OHSAS18001, REACH.RoHS standard.