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What are Examples of Pneumatics systems?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 09 Sep. 2019

The principles of pneumatics are the same as the principles for hydraulics, Only difference between them is that pneumatics use gas instead of a liquid to transmit power. Generally in pneumatics compressed air with Pressure Switches for Compressors, is used for transmitting power. For special applications some inert gases & nitrogen can be used.

In case of Hydraulic systems, they uses oil that rotates around the system. Unlike in Pneumatic systems, the oil isn't changed but the same liquid is used throughout the process. some examples of hydraulics system are Dentist chairs, power steering, brakes of vehicles.

Examples of pneumatic systems:

  • dentist’s drill,
  • pneumatic road drill,
  • automated production systems,
  • blenders ,
  • vacuums,
  • circulatory system etc.