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What are double acting pneumatic cylinders?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 17 Sep. 2019

Double acting cylinders

A double acting pneumatic cylinder is one where the *****, or output force, is developed in both extending and retracting directions. Double acting cylinders have a port at each end and move the piston forward and back by alternating the port that receives the high-pressure air, necessary when a load must be moved in both directions such as opening and closing a gate.

Air pressure is applied alternatively to the opposite ends of the piston. Application of air pressure produces a ***** in the positive (push) *****, and a ***** in the negative (pull) *****.
Know Your Pneumatics: Single or Double Acting? Choosing the Right Cylinder - Double Acting Cylinder - Parker Hannifin - Pneumatic Division Europe
Double acting cylinders are typically used in all applications where the thrusts and ***** lengths required are in excess of those available from single acting cylinders. Small double acting cylinders are also used for applications where positive end-of-***** positions are required for both strokes.

Double acting cylinders, such as Festo Pneumatic Cylinder, are the most widely used of all designs of linear actuators. They account for approximately 95% of all cylinders used in pneumatic control circuits.


  • Generally, ISO standards are based on the design of double acting cylinders
  • More extensive range of double acting cylinders than for single acting cylinders, giving many more options of bore and ***** sizes
  • Many variations on the basic double acting cylinder design