Pneumatics Tools

What are pneumatics and its applications?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 09 Sep. 2019

The principles of pneumatics are the same as the principles for hydraulics, but pneumatics use gas instead of a liquid to transmit power. Compressed air is generally used, but nitrogen or other inert gases are used for special applications.

With pneumatics from Festo Pneumatic, the air is usually pumped into a receiver with the help of a compressor. The receiver holds a huge volume of compressed air to be used by the pneumatic system as and when needed.

Atmospheric air contains water vapor, airborne dirt, and other contaminants, so filters and air dryers are used often in pneumatic systems to keep the compressed air clean and dry. Further, it improves the reliability and service life of the components as well as the system.

Also, pneumatic systems use a range of valves for controlling direction, pressure, and the speed of actuators. Factory automation is the most significant sector for pneumatics technology. It is widely used for handling products in manufacturing, processing, and packaging operations.

It is also used in medical and food processing equipment. Pneumatics is usually thought of as pick-and-place technology, where pneumatic components work together to perform the same repetitive operation hundreds or thousands of times per day. However, pneumatics is much more.