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What are some of the new features HRMS startups are providing?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 08 Aug. 2019


Here The Features HRMS Startups Are Providing

The principles of every HR solutions must be there to assist the best interests of companies by managing its people in the most productive way possible. To automate where necessary, to make it systematic and fast, to reduce the amount of time, spirit and labour required to perform a specific task.

A futuristic approach towards this, makes us believe that the workplace scenario is very much changing. We no longer design the workplace in the same fashion as we used to. Any organization no matter what the size, has a much fast-paced environment but the flexibility of work schedules, remote working, freelancing and a global workforce sets it aside in the modern age.

Large enterprises tend to burn more and more cash as differentiated into small companies, which have been wise enough to shop and hunt for HRMS software. The transformation is slowly bringing a new wave to the corporate world, which has just started to appreciate the capability of the cloud-based software.

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I would suggest you Darwinbox, is bridge this new "digital divide" and build products that are as effective as your daily use products.

The powerful, new-age enterprise HRMS platform is built with a clear focus on intuitiveness and scalability, with standards of best in class consumer apps. The platform addresses issues that are on top of mind of every HR person with well-thought outflows, proprietary intelligence-based insights and sexy interfaces.



  • Plan Your Hiring Process
  • Position Mapping
  • Company Branded Careers Page
  • Source Candidates from Multiple Channels
  • Boost Referrals
  • Manage Candidates and Prospects
  • Streamline Scheduling
  • Score Candidates through Custom Evaluations
  • Reports & Analytics


End to end recruitment management starting from job requisition workflow, customizable hiring workflow to managing & tracking candidates and automated offer letter generation.

Core HR

  • Centralized & Flexible Employee Database
  • Org Charts
  • Custom Employee Profiles
  • Attendance Management (Biometric Integration, Location-based attendance)
  • Leave/Time-off tracking
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Company calendar for tracking key events

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Choose from a range of options for your employees to mark attendance (Location check-in, Biometric, IP Restricted Web clock-in). Configure any leave and manage requests easily.