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What are the Advantages of hydraulic when compared to pneumatic?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 17 Sep. 2019

Here are some the advantages of Pneumatics compared to hydraulics:
  • Initial cost is less; hydraulics equipment cost as much as twice the price of pneumatic equipment.
  • A pneumatic water treatment automation system reduces the costs of installation and operation compared with conventional electrical installations. For opening and closing of underwater valves, pneumatic systems work well because they can sustain overload pressure conditions.

  • A tank would be needed in order to store the oil by which the hydraulic system can draw from in cases of a deficit. In a pneumatic system however, air can simply be drawn from the atmosphere then purified via a Festo Filter Regulator.
  • Pneumatic actuators also have long life and perform well with negligible maintenance requirement throughout their life cycle.
  • Very suitable for power transmission when distance of transmission is more.