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What are the Different types of pipe fittings?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 13 Sep. 2019

Different types of pipe fittings are - 

  1. Pipe Elbow - Elbow fitting provides adaptability to alter the pipe course. They are available in two types, 90 degrees, and 45 degrees. 90 Degree elbow is introduced between the pipe to alter the course of the pipe by 90 degrees and the 45-degree pipe is introduced to alter the course by 45 degrees. In any case, it tends to be sliced to some other degree.Elbows can be accessed by a Short Radius (1D) and Long Radius (1.5D).

  2. Pipe Bend - Long radius pipeline curves are utilized in the liquid transportation line which required pigging. Because of their long-range and smooth alter, of course, pipe twist has less weight drop, and smooth progression of liquid and pig is conceivable. 3D and 5D Pipe twists are available easily. 

  3. Miter Bend - Miter bends are manufactured from pipes and are not standard pipe fittings. Generally, they are favored for size 10" and above on the grounds that huge size elbow is costly. The utilization of a miter twist is confined to the low-weight water line. Miter twist can be created in 2, 3, and 5 pieces.

  4. Pipe Tee - A pipe tee is utilized for disseminating or gathering the liquid from the run pipe. It is a small part of the pipe that has 90 degrees of the angle inside it. Equal/straight tee and Reducing/Unequal tee are the types of a pipe tee. The diameter of the branch in the straight tee is the same as that of the distance across the header pipe. In reducing tee, the measurement of the branch size is smaller than the width of the Run (Header) Pipe. The pipelines which are pigged uses barred tee also called as scrapper tee. One pipe is joined to another at 45 degrees to make it a wye tee.

Plastic pipes which are developed by plastic pipes manufacturers are usually used for plumbing and drainage. There are different types of plastic pipes which are used according to the situation.