Pneumatics Tools

What are the Examples of pneumatic and hydraulic systems?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 17 Sep. 2019

Pneumatic systems are designed to move loads by controlling pressurized air in distribution lines and pistons with mechanical or electronic Pneumatic valves. Air under pressure possesses energy which can be released to do some useful work.

Examples of pneumatic systems:

  • dentist’s drill,
  • pneumatic road drill,
  • automated production systems,
  • blenders ,
  • vacuums,
  • circulatory system etc.

Hydraulic System: Pneumatic systems are open systems, always processing new air, and air is simply exhausted to the atmosphere. Hydraulic systems are closed systems,always recirculating the same oil.

Example of Hydraulic System:

  • a blood pressure gauge,
  • car brakes,
  • power steering in cars,
  • buses when they kneel.