What are the Steps to connect a compression fitting to CPVC fitting?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 09 Sep. 2019

Here are the Steps to connect a compression fitting to CPVC fittings -

Plastic compression fitting :

  1. Cut the CPVC pipe at the point where you need to introduce the pressure fitting with a tubing shaper to create a clean, square cut. Incline the edges of the pipe. As a backup you can also have hack saw for cutting. On the off chance that you utilize a hacksaw, be thorough about setting up the edges. Other than being sloped, they ought to be totally free of plastic shards. By using this, you can cut CPVC pipe also. 

  2. The end of the pipe is geased up by dishwash liquid. The lock ring inside the fitting holds the pipe tightly. 

  3. Using your hands, fix the nut properly. There should be no wrench after.

Brass compression fitting :

  1. As we done with the copper pipe, get a brass compression valve on a CPVC pipe in a same way. Cut the pipe in square shape and make the edges slant, so that the point slide the compression nut on the pipe with the strings coming out. 

  2. Slide the brass ferrule that accompanied the compression fitting onto the end of the pipe and attach a plumbing tape over it. The tape avoids spills by making up for the diverse development paces of brass and plastic. 

  3. Fix the nut with your hands by proper screwing the valve. Fix the nut with a wrench while holding the valve with other wrench. Maintain a strategic distance from over-tightening.