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What are the different types of Cladding Sheet?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 16 Sep. 2019


The cladding is a material used for exterior layering on the structures. Different types of wall claddings are available in the market from ACP Sheet Manufacturers and other manufacturing companies.

Types of Cladding Materials

Stone Cladding

Stone cladding is a thin layer that is applied or stuck on the walls which gives an elegant look. It can be used for both interiors and exterior walls. Stone claddings are materials that look like a stone and is made if lightweight substrates to reduce the cost of material for construction.

Wood Cladding

The wooden cladding is produced by using a variety of wood material or species and arrives in different styles. They work well for interior and exterior walls and provide good protection from the natural elements.

Tile Cladding

Tile claddings is a recent addition to the family of cladding's and are incredibly versatile. They, again, can be useful for both interior and exterior wall claddings. People mainly use it for decorative purposes at homes, restaurants, cafes, and other places.

UPVC Cladding

uPVC cladding help add a dimension to the structure or building and requires minimum to no maintenance whatsoever. Additionally, these wall cladding's are not prone to any damage due to weather elements.

Glass Cladding

Glass cladding is one of the most used cladding's for exteriors and are available in various types. They include laminated, tinted, transparent, curved, tempered, enamelled, and others. They give a very modern and contemporary look to a structure and are eye-pleasing.

Aluminum And ACP Cladding

Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturers - ACP cladding design is often used on the exterior part of the structure as they are very durable and rigid despite being lightweight. As aluminium is weather and UV resistant, they come with a variety of customization options.