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What are the types of valves in pneumatic?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 16 Sep. 2019

Pneumatic systems use a wide variety of components to control the amount of air, the rates, and the pressure with which it moves through the systems. One of the components used is pneumatic valve. Here are some types of these valves.

2-way directional valve: as you can gather from the name, this valve moves airflow in two separate directions. Both ports have the ability to be opened or closed depending on what you need done.

3-way valve: each of the ports on this valve serves a specific function (unlike like the 2-way). The first port is for airflow intake, the second is for an exhaust, and lastly there is the port to connect two deceives.

Spring Offset: How the direction of the airflow is switched is what classifies this kind of pneumatic valve. As an example, the valve is either closed or open in a two-way directional valve, so airflow is either prevented or enabled. A valve spool is moved into position by an actuator which allows a port to assume a closed or open position.