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What are the various types of Bots?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 18 Jul. 2019

A chatbot often named as one of the most advanced and promising inventions of interaction between humans and machines. The technique to identify the user’s intent and extract data and relevant objects contained in the user’s inquiry is the first condition and the most appropriate step at the core of a Chatbot: If you are not able to correctly understand the user’s request, you won’t be able to give the correct answer.

Types of ChatBots:

HR Bot - Create engagement and excitement with personalized interactions. Help employees access the information, onboarding ,schedule meetings etc.

Support & Service Bot - Delight Customers with instant query resolution, automatic ticket generation, transfer to live agent etc. Leaving the customer with enhanced user experience.

Sales Bot - The entire process of sales enablement, administration,execution can be assisted, helping sales team to perform efficiently & effectively.

Business Intelligence Bots - Get smart, instant, and personalized access to BI reports and data through simple queries and natural conversations.

Field Force Bot - With field agents working across multiple locations, SmartBots provides a simple, intuitive and guided communication for increased productivity and revenue.