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What are the ways to maintain male fertility?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 03 Sep. 2019

Maintaining Fertility in males:

Fertility in males can be improved, and infertility can be eliminated by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is best advised to avoid tobacco products and alcohol. Indulging in physical exercises and following a healthy diet is also recommended. General practices suggested to follow for increase fertility health are:

  • Including anti-oxidants in the diet
  • Engaging in ***** regularly
  • Avoiding high consumption of soy
  • Being fitness conscience and maintain weight
  • Keeping teeth and gums healthy
  • Avoid trans-***** food
  • Increasing intake of fiber
  • Decreasing the intake of caffeine
  • Intake vitamin C, Iron and fenugreek supplements

Sometimes, other diseases, such as diabetes or untreated STDs can also affect the factors that cause infertility. Anemia, celiac disease, and thyroid disease can also lead to infertility. Age is also a common factor that decreases fertility. Taking fertility test for men in chennai is also recommended to get the actual reason.

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Doctor’s advises can also be helpful to maintain male fertility. The specialists can help patients with diet plans and medicines or procedures to maintain good ***** health. Professional help is also provided such as:

  • Intake of D-Aspartic acid supplements
  • Medicines to improve ***** count, motility and ***** quality
  • Medicines to cure diabetes and STDs
  • Medicines to maintain the level of testosterone level
  • Medicines to help quit smoking or addictive habits

Keeping the body cool is also beneficial. The injuries can sometimes damage the ***** from where the sperms are produced. It is also recommended not to sit at a particular place for a long time. It is better to move around, walk and jog and keep yourself physically active. The type of work engaged in is also a significant factor for infertility. It is better to take precautions in working areas where toxins are used. It is always the best option to seek advice from experts for the issues related to ***** life.