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jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 08 Aug. 2019


Moving to a better HR Tech – Your Best New Year’s Resolution

It’s the season of resolutions!

As another year goes by, it is only natural for us to revisit the milestones in which the year helped us learn and grow. And then to aspire for some more growth, and betterment, both at a personal as well as at the organizational level. And hence, there are resolutions and promises we make to ourselves at the beginning of every new year.

It all starts with retrospection.

Human Resource and its management is essentially the life and blood of the organization. After all, it is your people who are setting the gears in motion every single day! It is important to make sure they are empowered and valued in every way possible. Whether it is incorporating relevant, new-age HR practices or leveraging new-age HR technology, organizations are adopting a proactive rather than reactive approach and outlook towards HCM software.

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Here are some common inhibitions organizations have while moving to a new HR Tech platform:

What if the product doesn’t accommodate my processes?

Often, due to the practice of outsourcing implementation and including multiple scattered touchpoints in the process, there is a mismatch in terms of the expectations from the offerings that the product has vs the actual offerings.

Again, majorly due to outsourcing implementation to the third party, there are unexpected and unaccounted roadblocks that eat away precious time and delay implementation of the platform, sometimes even by years!

Will my data be secure on this platform?

In the wake of several recent incidents where the security of data has been compromised on technology platforms, there is now heightened scrutiny to which new technology is subjected to. And we have to say, this scrutiny is good scrutiny.

Will the vendor collaborate efficiently with my team?

We could say so much about it and yet not emphasize enough on how important is it for your vendor to be more than just a vendor. The HR technology platform you choose should be a partner in your progress. This is not a set and forget exercise, and should not be treated so.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to discover the power of HR Analytics Tools technology.

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I would suggest you Darwinbox, is bridge this new "digital divide" and build products that are as effective as your daily use products.

The powerful, new-age enterprise HRMS platform is built with a clear focus on intuitiveness and scalability, with standards of best in class consumer apps. The platform addresses issues that are on top of mind of every HR person with well-thought outflows, proprietary intelligence-based insights and sexy interfaces.