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What is the best tools to manage recruiting for small software company?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 04 Sep. 2019

Create Job Postings

Darwinbox Recruitment Management enables you to post jobs to any career site or on your employee referral portal with an up-to-date version of responsibilities and working conditions associated with that job.

Applicant Self Service

Darwinbox Recruitment Management enables candidates to visit your career page, search and apply for jobs, submit documents, receive offers, as well as view the current status of their application.

Resume Management

Darwinbox Recruitment Management enables HRs to receive and manage applicant resumes instantly and store them for efficient processing and faster recruiting.

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Search Candidate Pool

Darwinbox Recruitment Management enables recruiters to mine the candidate pool by searching applications based on predefined criteria, which enables faster processing of applications.

Assign Interviewer

Darwinbox Recruitment Management enables you to create and manage an interviewer list. Assigning an interview to one of your employees triggers an email notification to that interviewer.

Interview Management

Darwinbox Recruitment Management enables recruiters to create, edit and manage interview schedules, as well as view and manage the interviewer’s availability, location, time, and more.

Applicant Status

Darwinbox Recruitment Management enables you to track a candidate’s application moves through the recruitment process with automated acknowledgements, along with other pertinent documents.

Manage Recruitment Agencies

Darwinbox Recruitment Management supports the creation and maintenance of records of recruitment agencies. You can assign job postings to a recruitment agency and monitor its status.