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What is the pneumatic tube transport?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 21 Aug. 2019

Pneumatic tube systems (also termed PTT, airlift, air tubes, air transport, Lamson tubes, and pneumatic transit methods) are amazingly simple—and best illustrated by model.

Suppose you run a great department store complete of checkouts (cash desks) that are taking money from customers all day lengthy. To decrease the risk of theft, it's a great idea to collect that money every so often and transfer it to a place that's more secure before you deposit it in the bank. 

You could have a cashier walk around all the checkouts in turn, but that takes time, and it performs the cashier exposed to robbery. Also, some checkouts will take money more frequently than others, so it's usually better if the checkout operator dispatches money at frequent intervals as it suits them.

A standard solution numerous stores operate is to have a pneumatic tube system linking each checkout with the cashier's department, a strong room frequently located on a different floor of the structure. Each time the checkout operator collects more than a certain quantity of cash, they dispatch it securely to the cashier's department utilizing the Pu Tube.