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Where is the best treatment available for male infertility in Hyderabad?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 01 Jul. 2019

The belief that only women need to take folic acid and try to conceive has existed since time immemorial. It has been believed that only women need to take supplements not only in order to conceive but to lower the risk of certain defects while pregnancy as well.

Folic acid is not really known to be a very important component of male fertility but researchers in the University of California have found some male infertility symptoms like: men experienced higher rate of chromosomal abnormalities in their ***** when their diet contained minimal amount of folic acid.

Men are immune to age-driven discrepancies of fertility. However, there are prominent studies that have shown that male fertility does decrease with age. It doesn’t help men to not be aware of their fertility potential during conception.

It has also been opined that fathers pass on four times the genetic mutations as compared to the mothers. Delaying fatherhood can come with its own set of complications as is the case with delayed motherhood.