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Which are the best HR outsourcing companies in India?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 31 Jul. 2019

Merakhata is more than just another accounting or HR outsourcing company. Being a startup ourselves, we understand the need of a startup entrepreneur. We are a one-stop-shop which not only provides the Accounting, HR and Tax services.

Key Features

  • Preparation and creation of Company Administrative policy and Employee Policy
  • Preparation and creation of HR Policy
  • Income tax Planning of Employees
  • Leave management
  • Attendance Management
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Employee expenses reimbursement policy
  • Employee Onboarding and Exit process
  • Employee background verification

Top HR Outsourcing company in Hyderabad helps in the preparation and creation of company administrative policy and employee policy, HR policy, income tax planning of employees, leave management, attendance management, employee performance management etc.