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@jauhar123 | Posted 26 Jul. 2019


Property Rakshak is a Plot Monitoring Services company designed to serve homeowners, and help them to manage their property hassle-free.

Living abroad and taking care of your property in India could be a tedious task. Be it finding a contractor to rebuild your house or finding a repairman to fix plumbing or electrical issues or be it negotiating terms or payments with your tenants.

Any asset or property in the form of land is an inherited or hard-earned possession and is very valuable. Vacant land in such a case is prone to encroachment or any such coercive uncertainties.

At Property Rakshak, they ensure your plot is protected physically and legally against such problems. A regular update on the happenings at your site is provided by our team to make sure there is constant touch with the property you hold.

With their onboard, you do not have to worry about the verification and valuation of your plot, obtaining necessary certificates and documents, property tax calculation and payment, periodic property visits and the cleanliness of your plot among other services.

What is the use of Property Rakshak Agreement?

A property management agreement enables us to work on your behalf to manage your property. From the visiting of your property to working towards rent collection, bills payment, repairs, and renovations on your approval, this agreement encompasses all the authorities and responsibilities of Property Rakshak as your Property Monitoring Services.

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  • Property Inspection
  • Payment/Collection of bills
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Possession Takeover Assistance
  • Legal Paper Work
  • Keys and Visit Management
  • Buy/Sell Property
  • Plot/Site Monitoring
  • Rental Services
  • Tenant Checkout

At Property Rakshak, they understand your struggles and bring out the best possible solutions for you to rest assured that everything is taken care of