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Why is helium gas used to fill balloons instead of hydrogen gas?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 29 Aug. 2019

Helium gas is known to be very light as is considered best gas to fill balloons with. Though Hydrogen is light as well and can be used as a replacement for filling balloons but the issue is that its easily flammable and can cause more damage than entertainment.

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This is why balloons are mostly filled with Helium gas for decorations or plain enjoyment. It is also very easy to buy helium balloons online and if you live in Hyderabad , I recommend Balloons Unlimited as they are known to provide best balloons for any occasion.

When we put a bunch of balloons in front of kids there faces will be glow with full of smile. For littlest of babies, balloons are simple entertainment of this brightly colored fun that flouts gravity. Really nothing can give more entertainment than these balloons.