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Key Features Of An Applicant Tracking Software   

jauhar khan 
@jauhar123 | Posted 23 Apr. 2019


Organizations that proceed to control and screen CVs manually are losing valuable time that should be used in employing the best candidates in a position to hire top talent. Centralizing all the candidates’ data in one single platform and conducting an initial screening of the incoming applications to signal the genuine prospective candidates are just some of the essential benefits an ATS can contribute.

Having in mind that a job proposal receives on average 250 applications, from which only 4 to 6 applicants move on to a face-to-face interview, it’s clear to know why an ATS comes in handy. Here are some of its significant benefits:

  • The decrease of time spent with administrative tasks;

  • More substantial and Accelerated CV Screening;

  • Pre-Employment Assessment Integration;

  • Collaborative Hiring Facilitator;

  • Overall Development of feature of Hire;

  • Recruitment Cycle Modulation;

  • Genuine Cost Management;     

  • Employment Brand Boosting;

  • Candidate Experience improvement.

But when the time comes to mainly choose and execute an Applicant Tracking software, you may find yourself overawed by all the clarifications out there in the market.

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  • Critical Features for an Effective Recruitment

There are tools for automation of candidate classifying, ranking and information, that any Applicant Tracking System should have. And then, some plus points can contrast your recruitment processes results, that you'll only find in more exceptional  HR solutions.

  • Job Posting to Various Job boards

Gone are those days when newspapers were the whole opportunity for job advertising. Nowadays, job seekers mostly look for job openings almost entirely on the internet. Although it is comfortable for candidates to have the way and connect to various offers, the truth is that it performs its way more challenging for employers to stand out from the game.

  • Fully- Branded Career Page

To draw and hire more candidates you require a fully-branded, mobile-friendly, combined Career Page where your job listing is automatically refreshed, and candidates can quickly apply when and where they find it more comfortable.

  • Social Recruiting

Job boards aren’t the only site on the web where considered talent views for job openings. Social media is also a very great cause of applicants. Thus, your organization must adopt an Applicant Tracking System that provides leveraging social media channels to draw more candidates.

  • Analytics

Finally, including recruiting activities is critical to understand how the recruitment process is working and to get insightful data to help continuously evaluate and improve it. Hence, having a user-friendly analytics dashboard is always a great recruitment management feature.