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What are Some Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas For Low Budget?   

jauhar khan 
@jauhar123 | Posted 13 May. 2019

Birthdays are special occasions that everybody likes to celebrate without any fuss. Of course, celebrating grand by inviting all the loved ones, friends, and family is part of the agenda. But what to do when you are on a low budget and do not want to disappoint the kids with no birthday party at all? Here are some of the cheap and inexpensive ideas that will help throw a grand party within the budget. 


Booking a hall even for a few hours can be an expensive affair and would take up a lot of your budget. Hence, avoid searching for private halls or venues. Look for a free venue which will save money as you will not have to pay for it at the same time accommodate all your folks. 

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For an in-house birthday party, the decoration is the first and foremost factor. Include fun games that wouldn't require much material, activities to keep all the guests involved, and music so that no one gets bored.

Do It Yourself (DIY)-

One of the best and affordable decoration ideas is balloons and ribbons. Buy helium gas for balloons as they would last longer. Inflate balloons, tie them and let them loose around the venue to make the hall or place look full and bright. 

Additionally, sticking balloons to the walls and ceiling is also a great idea. To give them an enhanced look, decorate with ribbons. Check helium balloons price and decide on the quantity that is required.

Send out e-invitations through e-mails or social media, make calls,  or if you want to follow the conventional way, use in-house stationery to make invitations. As a result, it saves cost on buying or getting invitations printed.