Solar Thermal Collector

What are the Different Types Of Solar Thermal Collector?   

jauhar khan 
@jauhar123 | Posted 02 Apr. 2019

Two types of Solar Thermal Collectors :

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Non-Concentrating collectors—The collector field is equal as the absorber place. Usually heating air or water is called non-concentrating collectors. Flat-plate collectors are the most popular type of non concentrating collectors for water as well as space heating in houses and utilized when temperatures lower than 200°F is sufficient.

Flat-plate solar collectors divided into three main components:

  • A flat metal plate that prevents and absorbs solar energy

  • A thin cover that allows solar energy to pass into the shelter and overcomes heat loss from the absorber

  • A layer of protector on the back of the absorber to decrease heat loss

Solar water heating collectors have metal tubes connected to the absorber. A heat-transfer fluid is pumped into the absorber tubes to extract heat from the absorber and send the heat to water in a storage tank. It also used to heat swimming pool water in hot climates usually do not have covers or insulation for the absorber, and pool water diffused from the pool through the collectors and back to the pool. Thermal solar collectors convert the sun's radiation into heat and then transfer that heat to air or water.

Solar air heating systems use to move air fans through flat-plate collectors and into the center of buildings.

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Concentrating collectors—The field catching the solar radiation is moe magnificent, sometimes hundreds of times greater, than the absorber area. This collector directs or concentrates, solar energy onto an absorber it also moves so that it maintains a high degree of concentration on the absorber. Solar thermal collector power plants utilize consolidating solar collector systems because they can produce high-temperature heat.