Machinery Pneumatics

What are the Types of Pneumatic Cylinders?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 24 Jul. 2019

Pneumatic systems use compressed air to create linear or rotary mechanical motion and power applications that perform work. The pneumatic actuator, with the help of the compressed air, acts on a piston inside the cylinder to create the required motion, for example, clamping, or moving a load along a linear path.  The end application can be as differentiated as a specific device like a gripper or clamp to a vacuum cup that is used to handle glass.

There are several different kinds of pneumatic cylinders and pneumatic actuators available, based on the type of the application they are needed for. These cylinders can be single acting or double acting. Here are some of the examples of the types of pneumatic cylinders and actuators available:

  • Roundline Cylinders

  • ISOLine Profile & Tie-Rod Cylinders

  • Rotary Actuators

  • Festo Compact Cylinder

  • Integrated Valve & Actuator (IVAC)

  • Rodless Cylinders

  • Stainless Steel Roundline Actuators and Stainless Steel ISO Tie-Rod Linear Actuators