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What Is Solar Thermal Collector?   

jauhar khan 
@jauhar123 | Posted 02 Apr. 2019

Nowadays people use Solar thermal collector to heat water and air. The two common types of solar heating systems are passive systems and active systems. It became more famous that used for many purposes in multiple fields to use.

Passive solar space heating occurs when the sun shines through the windows of a building and heats the inside of hoses. Building forms that optimize passive solar heating have south-facing windows that allow the sun to shine on solar heat-absorbing walls or floors throughout the winter. The solar energy warms the building by direct radiation and convection. Window extensions or shades block the sun from entering the windows throughout the summer to maintain the house cold.

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Active solar heating systems utilize a collector and a fluid that receives solar radiation. Fans or pumps flow air or heat-absorbing liquids through collectors and then transfer the heated fluid directly to a room or a radiation stored system. It has a water heating systems usually have a tank for collecting solar heated water.

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