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Which Is The best Employee Performance Management Tool In India for HR?   

jauhar khan 
@jauhar123 | Posted 14 Mar. 2019


The trend of Performance Management Software has taken its place in Indian market especially in the small and medium-sized industry. This increase in trend has led to the development of many Performance management tools. There are a lot of performance management software floating around in the market, but just a few of them are capable enough to be called as a quality software.

Tracking the performance and configuring the appraisal system requires lots of unrelated properties to be incorporated in one. This makes performance management system quite complex:

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Thus the performance management system should be very simple and properly configured. A performance Management Software should have a distinct option:

  • Goals configuration - Where goals of each and every employee can be configured according to their job description and expectations from him.
  • Review Cycle - Configuring the review cycle and further configuring the appraisal frequency.
  • Review Templates - There is a certain task which employees who take in initiatives which are not the part of their regular job but adds value to the organization. This initiative should be considered and must be added to the performance criterion.

Darwinbox is an integrated and intuitive platform which provides not only a comprehensive performance management system but also is a complete other Software solution.