Which Styling Tips That Will Make You Look Your Best?   

jauhar khan
@jauhar123 | Posted 15 May. 2019

The first impression is the best impression, they say. Well, in most cases, it holds true. If you are going to meet a new person, or for a meeting, it is important that you look your best and dress your best to get the deal or to impress that person you like. Self-Confidence-

Confidence in self is the best dress anyone can wear. You might be copying a Mahesh Babu dressing style, but if you lack confidence, it is of no use. It is very important to be confident, no matter how scared you are. When you meet people, greet them with a firm handshake that shows confidence and give a warm smile. If you are lost and confused, try the Superman pose. 

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To have the best first impression on people, it is important to work on your style and image that is within the acceptable standards. Dress such that people take you seriously and value the points that you put across. Dress mature and at the same time for your age. 


Although the shoes or other footwear you wear seem insignificant, they are not. In fact, footwear holds a major part in saying about you. Hence, invest in good quality shoes depending on the occasion. If you are low on budget or do not have much to spend, you can buy casual shoes that would also look good for professional or business occasions.